Zoom backgrounds

Published on Aug 29, 2020

I'm compiling the list of acceptable items that may appear in the backgrounds of Zoom calls and tv interviews. This is an arbitrary list and if you have more to add please share.

Preferred backgrounds:

  • Bookshelves and/or books
  • A whiteboard with a pithy quote or something important-looking written on it
  • Pictures of you with famous people
  • Pictures of you with family and/or pets
  • Pictures of nature or landscapes
  • Hand-drawn pictures from your kids that aren't particularly good but nevertheless demonstrate your family values
  • Items that suggest enlightenment including a globe, a telescope, astronomical posters, certificates or credentials from esteemed institutions, awards or trophies, fine art in the form of statues, sculptures, tapestries, or oil paintings, posters or pictures of universally-revered historical figures
  • Items that suggest fun and good nature such as sports memorabilia, pop culture references, and musical instruments.
  • A backdrop showcasing a natural surrounding such as a beach, body of water, a stream or river, thickly-wooded area, cultivated garden, or desert landscape

Acceptable backgrounds:

  • A plain white wall
  • Plants
  • Modest decor that suggests practical tastes and not an exuberance of wealth
  • An American flag (risky)

Unacceptable backgrounds:

The list is so long that should be a post all by itself!