Your Life In Months, v2.0

Published on Oct 1, 2020

I'd been doing quite some tech research for this side project I did called Your Life In Months. I kind of left it on the shelf for a while, not sure what to do with it after the MVP is up. It's a Ruby on Rails monolith, made in exactly a year ago in September 2019. That was my last burst of coding before I dropped off and rebounded back again 2 months ago. Interestingly I went with Rails because it seems easy enough, but I believe if I had seen Vue, Nuxt and what JAMstack could do, I might have started on them then instead of Rails.

So what now for YLIM? The original purpose continues, to log those goals somewhere, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly. But it's super bare bones right now and not quite featured enough for that purpose, so improving on it will help. Some way to have individual user profile pages, a better text editor, better authentication, a data model that's more scalable, and maybe some streak counter for a metric that makes sense to count for. My coding tastes had also evolved since then, and I want to incorporate what I learned recently instead of using html.erb or haml, so I'm also thinking if I should integrate Vue into Rails to have like a vue-in-rails sort of modular monolith, or have my frontend done in Vue or Nuxt completely separate from backend, and have them communicating only via APIs. Or should I go full JAMstack, and use unfamiliar stuff like Gatsby and/or Middleman to generate static pages, Netlify Identity for authentication...?  

I'd spent three days reading up to answer those questions and my head feels like it's gonna explode. So many choices, so many approaches, and sounds like so much work...