Your Ideal Day

Published on Aug 16, 2020

What would your ideal day look like? Hour by hour, what would you do? From when you woke up to when you went to sleep at the end of the day.

What would be the elements of your ideal day? How much time would you spend with friends and family, how much time would you spend alone? How much would you exercise?

Picturing your ideal day in detail helps identify ways you could improve your days. Maybe your ideal day includes twice as much exercise as your typical day. You can start working towards that. It’s helpful to have a clear picture to look forward to. Your days probably already have some kind of regularity, a rough structure, some kind of routine. You can think about how to make what would currently be an exceptional day, into the everyday. And you can keep on refining your idea of an ideal day.

For example, today is my birthday. Since it’s my birthday, I’m getting nice messages and calls from a lot of the people I know. So it occurs to me that I would like every day to be this rich with connection with the people I care about. So that gives me a clear goal to work toward: make every day like today, in terms of relationships. I am refining my idea of my ideal day as I realize how much I enjoy having a day this full of connection with the people in my life.

So it’s worth coming up with an idea of an ideal day, and revisiting it over time, gradually refining it. And finding ways to bring your typical day closer and closer to that ideal day.