Published on Oct 1, 2020

You let me grow, into who I'm meant to become, me. 

Even if you don't understand me, you let me be.

You are patient and stay in there.

You are courageous and accept the things you can't change.

You are often in your mind, yet you have such a big heart.

You are good at this thing called "loving", it seems to come naturally to you. 

Sometimes this makes me jealous or angry for I don't get it. How can you be so loving, so understanding, so patient?

I'd love to understand you better for this could help me in loving you better. 

Maybe I can never understand you. Maybe it was never about understanding you. For love can not be understood but can only be felt. 

Sometimes I don't understand why you love me. I see so many flaws, where you look lovingly. 

Sometimes I forget to love myself. Then, you remind me, not with word, but simply by being you.

I love you. I want to love you like you deserve it, even if I can only fall short of that. 

Thank you for loving me, especially when I forget to. I feel held and free at the same time.