Published on Aug 27, 2020

Ok, my soccer performance yesterday wasn't definitely the best but it's getting somewhere I definitely improve. A few more seasons and I am gonna be a valuable part of the team, haha. The most important thing is that I am having more and more fun. It's good to see the progress. 

Anyway, yesterday I made some design which hasn't been approved. I just mixed some photos from Toronto and there are probably some copyright issues with the Toronto skyline that cannot be used. I will see it's still under review so it can get approved. It's a very good design it would suck if I couldn't use it. I do not care that much I need to learn these things on the way and the next time will be smarter. 

Some qualification rounds of champions league are starting. So let's watch some soccer now. 

I will go boxing also... or not? I have a few minutes to decide. I should go cuz I have some plans for Friday and I simply cannot skip two lessons in a row. 

I need some power kick in my ass cuz lately I do not have where to take. 


Stay with me. Efran