Published on Aug 13, 2020

Yesterday's soccer game was a disaster. I think I played the worst since the beginning of the season. I just couldn't keep it simple. I made so many mistakes. I am curious if they even invite me to another game. Anyway, sometimes is simply not your day. Let's be better the next time.

Today was the second day of my Redbubble challenge since the morning I was working on some crazy vintage design. It looks so bad in the beginning but in the end, I did a pretty kick-ass design. I do not really why but Redbubble didn't approve it yet. (There is a shark, some flames involved :D). I really hope it gonna go through cuz I have spent so much time on it. Maybe I will just adjust it a little bit. 


Ok, I am gonna go boxing now. I haven't been there for over a week. I took a break but time to get back on track. The workout is so important I would really ruin all my routines without that. No more laziness. It's gonna be hard it's so hot outside. Let's go.


Stay with me. Efran