Writing out of the blue #2

Published on Dec 14, 2018

(Please find here the first part of this text ?)

In my experience epiphanies are, when you are growing up, not to be taken too seriously because they kind of get to you all at the same time.

So I did good in Portuguese, but it was also going great with English, Sciences and even Arts. I did one of those psycho-technical tests they give you at school, and it didn't help. The results were all ranked too close to each other.

I wound up pursuing the Scientific path for the challenge it represented (and possibly, for the security in career advancement) instead of trying to pursue a career that felt so "natural" to me. In my mind, it was a consideration as simple as "to have a hobby is fine, but one needs to pay the bills."

I wasn't wrong (as far as life choices go, I didn't do too bad), but I held back something in me, and thus, I felt lost. For the next few years, I did not know how to identify that feeling and studied Maths and Physics to follow through with an electrical(!) engineering course.

What do you reckon it happened next? Let's look into it, tomorrow!