Writing Milestone Hit

Published on Feb 3, 2019

I started this 200 words writing since mid of December, compared to the top few in the fellowship, I don't have a perfect December streak chart. But finally, I just hit my mini goal for non-stop writing for the whole of January, if you check on my profile you can see the perfect January streak chart.

One of my 2019 Goal is to write more, so 200wordsaday help me move forward with smaller steps to this bigger goal, I not sure that I can do that for the whole year, but at least my next milestone is continued writing for the entire Quarter One 2019.

Is writing easy? I think the tough part is come out with something to write. That's one of the reasons I don't limit myself to write a specific topic, sometimes I talk about how difficult to be a work from home dad, sometimes I talk about the latest software as a service and how can it help to improve my productivity and sometimes I talk about family. In a way, this looks a bit like a personal blog.

One thing for sure you need to experience your life for you to have more topic to write. There are days that I keep a few writing topics on draft since I encounter a lot of things and feels that I want to put it into words. There are also times that I go through a dull day where everything is just routine and boring. Therefore I got no inspiration what to write. So keep a topic bank might be a good idea if you want to write daily.

Thanks for 200wordsaday this platform to help me restore back my writing skill and build up a writing habit.