Writing is therapeutic

Published on Jul 26, 2020

  • If writing is therapeutic, then you might need to take care of the basics first. I notice that when I run out of steam when it comes to writing fiction, I can still write a lot of non fiction. Just diary type things. I think just like in life, if you're trying to do anything above-average longterm, then you need the basics down. It's possible to publish a book or release an album living off beer and ramen. But to do that your whole life, if that's what you want to do, such a lifestyle's not going to cut it. If you can't make money direct off your work, then you need first a job that will pay the bills and also not sap you of your energy. Note -- this doesn't have to be your passion job like often people say. The sole pre-req is that it doesn't sap your energy dry. Because then you won't be able to do the thing that you're trying to do anyways. After that, you need to get your housework in order. As in you need to find out how you're going to feed yourself -- if you make enough money to just use a private chef then that's cool, if not then you need to learn how to shop, cook, and clean. After that you need a fulfilling life. People you care about. People who fascinate you. That's really all you need. After that other people's opinions are theirs and so you shouldn't even worry about it. Just blast your love and attention towards them and if they love you back, great. If they don't, well then you've already won because you love them anyways. People who tell you to only love the people who love you back are giving unhealthy advice. Though it is true that you shouldn't spend more energy than absolutely necessary on anyone who you don't love. That is good advice. Once you have the basics down in life... the lower parts of the hierarchy of needs, then you can do that thing that you think you want to do. Hilariously, on your way there you might realize that that's not what you want to do at all. But let's say you build your infrastructure of a wholesome life and you still want to do it. Then you'll find that you can do it really easily. So if writing is therapeutic -- it is for me -- and I want to do it well, then I need to write the basics down first. And that is notebooking/journaling like this.
  • For the most part I let my ego goad me into thinking that I need to do the fiction writing first. That's what I got into writing for anyways, so why not just focus on that. But this thinking mirrors the same fallacy I made about life until recently when I thought of anything outside my "passion" as petty and just couldn't hold myself to do them. In writing, I often find that I have nothing to write when it comes to creating the fiction I'm so "passionate" about. And when it doesn't just flow out of me, I resort to just saying... ah well, I'm just not ready yet. But today I think maybe if writing is therapeutic, then I gotta do the basics first. The therapeutic part. Which is just sending a friend an email. Or just writing notes down. Because on any occasion when I couldn't write fiction, I turn to just writing a letter to somebody, I find the words just flow out. For me taking care of the basics first -- in writing -- means just getting my thoughts and feelings form in words. When I don't forget this, I often find that after having done the therapeutic part, I feel energized to do the creative part. which is actually writing fiction.