Writing for XYX instead of Books

Published on Nov 5, 2020

  • [[Nivi]]'s [[tweet]] throws out a neutral question -- in today's time why would you write a book? -- but my interpretation of it was an argument against writing books.
  • Nivi is an example of disseminating vision at scale without the [[Gutenberg Infrastructure]]. He didn't require publishers. Instead he and Naval leveraged blogs and Twitter.
  • Nivi and [[Naval Ravikant]] are an example of people who really doubled down on what was happening in the now to communicate. Nivi's tweet made me able to take the realization that communication methods have changed and apply the realization to how I approach writing.
  • I was chaining myself to expectations and anxiety whenever facing the page. Whenever I'd sit down to write I'd tell myself 'okay this is going in a book' but then the writing would be so abysmal because I would only type things that sounded profound.Big secret: if you only write things that sound great then you'll never write anything useful.
  • This made not only writing difficult, but also made it difficult for me to like writing in my downtime. When I wasn't writing I would tell myself that I should be writing but then my emotions wouldn't align. Instead all my emotions related to writing would be negative.
  • With my interpretation of Nivi's tweet I've been writing not thinking 'this is going in a book' but thinking instead 'this is going to be a part of an online discourse' So in a way I've began writing things resembling [[tweetstorms]].