Published on Sep 19, 2020

Just write. Today is one of the those days where I really don't know what to write 200 words about.

I'm seeing a friend tomorrow who I haven't seen in a couple years, but we stay in touch online pretty frequently. I have lots of these types of friendships—ones where I've only met the person in real life a handful of times, but we maintain a healthy banter over text/DMs at a moderate cadence. I love these types of friendships. Obviously they don't take care of everything, as I would probably go mad if I didn't live with anybody or if I lived in my childhood home for more than a few months again.

The friend I'm seeing I met in college, but he dropped out to work at a startup with the eventual goal of starting a company. It's an interesting take because everyone I know who has had the conviction to drop out of college either has a really deep network and could find a job in a jiffy or is working on something that already has pretty good traction. I don't believe that he had either of these, but he's making it work. Props to him.