Working on a New Personal Website

Published on Sep 12, 2020

I'm using this post-launch weekend to take a break and work on a new personal website. I'm changing it to focus on tech, to offer tutorials, think pieces, and freelance services in the offline-first/green web development niche.

Instead of posting everything I publish on Writelier, I'll curate and edit my content to fit my intended audience: developers, makers, and small-to-medium companies. The rest of the content will be repurposed in other channels to make a better use of it.

Part of the redesign involves a new branding. I'll switch my username from basilesamel to upbaz, much shorter and easier to use, with a new logo to fit the topic. The idea would be to use this personal brand for my Github and Youtube accounts, and use these channels to drive traffic to my products.

The website itself is built with Preact and a vanilla NodeJS static file generator. It's lightweight , and among the fastest technology stack there is nowadays when you use a CDN to deliver the assets. I won't be using a traditional JAMStack framework to avoid the long build times, and roll out my own CI/CD workflow using Github and my web server. Next week, I'll also order my first Raspberry Pi to start experimenting with building my own green web server.

Words are a powerful tool, as long as they are intentional. Let's see how effective they will be for my solo business.