Working hard

Published on Nov 3, 2020

I have seen a lot of people that work hard. In corporate america. In non-profit space. In life in general. Hustlers are everywhere.

I have a deep respect for people that keep hustling.

Since a few failures, I have been focused on what it means to hustle smart over hustle hard. I belong to the hustle hard group. That's what comes naturally to me. Pausing to think about if it is a smart move or not - doesn't happen as often as it should.

I have started to look at people that seem to be making the right strategic moves that is so hard for me to do. It often means -
1. Having clarity about what makes strategic sense
2. The ability to say NO to things that doesn't strategically make sense.

I suffer from the inability to do #1. Though I still need to learn how to do #2, my issue is #1.

I get a lot of people that approach me with things where they want to collaborate and work together. Usually it starts with - "Can we....?" I have learnt that "WE" means "YOU". And I find that if something is interesting and I feel that I can learn from it - I usually take it on. But it doesn't always lead to an appropriate return of my investment in time and energy.

I need a system to be strategic. A way that is clear and simple to implement.
I know that it will have a compound effect for someone like me.

Anyone has any recommendations?