Why Zen Digital Analytics?

Published on Nov 21, 2020

Why Zen Digital Analytics? It is time for a rebrand. Low-Cost Analytics was created in 2012; the intention was to give clients expert website analysis and reporting for a reasonable price. Additionally, listening to their prior experience, it was about providing the best experience possible.  

Being an expert with Google Analytics, reporting, and analysis can only take a digital marketing practice so far. Listening to the market, strategic investments were made. Now clients collaborate with me to create reporting and analysis suites using Google Data Studio. With the time savings and the ability to look at results with a few mouse clicks, they are leveling up. 

For myself, the old story was Google Tag Manager is challenging to learn and implement. After watching a few videos and investing in a course, I have completed multiple implementations. Clients love to hear and see their data gaps are closed, and we can answer those questions about their user experience. 

In 2012 I created a Facebook Insights reporting service. Once the tool went behind a paywall, I knew I would build my solution in the future. Investing in learning how to write code in Python, I was close. Ironically while searching for an answer because the code was not working, I found a better solution, and now it's part of the practice.