Why it's harder to write these days

Published on Aug 26, 2019

aka excuses.

I have started working a side project that involves me coding . It's starting to get interesting and I want to work on it more. I am not that great at coding (ruby on rails) anymore because I don't work on it often. 

I am relearning a lot of syntax and where everything should go. This makes the process slow and have to rely on my friend for help. Some times it takes a while for my friend to get back. In that time, I try to figure out the errors and try bunch of things. Stack overflow has become my second home on the internet for awhile now. 

When I can't get far in my progress, I switch back to designing the mockup on Figma. 

All this means is that I don't have the energy to write 200 words by the end of the night. Most of the time, I get to about 100 or 150 words and can't finish the topic.

Currently, writing is not a priority and want to get the MVP of the side project out to get feedback. Plus, I get to solve my own pain point. I just want to listen to certain parts of a song in a playlist.