Why I Reached A One Second Page Speed

Published on Aug 22, 2020

The speed of a web application matters more than you might think. 

A study published by Deloitte showed that increasing your loading speed by 100ms can improve your conversion rate and your number of page views by 10%, while decreasing your bounce rate up to 9%. If your page takes more than a second to load, 30% of your visitors will leave the website after looking at a single page. 90%, if it takes more than 5 seconds.

The faster your website is, the more business you will get. It's that simple.

In a website like Cowriters, it's even more important to have a low First Meaningful Paint—the time it takes for a visitor to be able to start reading—to entice readers to stay on the site and find valuable content. 

A slow website tarnishes the experience for the person reading, but it's also equally horrible for indexing robots. As Google officially announced two years ago, loading speed is now part of the ranking algorithm. As an online content creator, neglecting Search Engine Optimization entirely is not much different than committing digital seppuku. I experienced it first hand with Sipreads last month: after improving our page speed between June and July, our pages with first impressions have been multiplied by 7 (from 5 to 37), and we increased our clicks by 59% as well as our impressions by 68%. It probably wasn't the only factor, but I'm sure it helped.

This is the reason why I'm extremely excited to have reached a perfect Lighthouse Performance score today with the new Cowriters homepage: 100/100 with a First Meaningful Paint of 1 second and a Time to Interactive of only 2.3 seconds!

There is still room to improve before going below the 1 second mark—using for example static-generated webpages, service workers, lazy hydration, and a global CDN—but I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. It means Cowriters has what it takes to become a premium content management system and publishing platform for everyone, no matter where you are in the world and how slow your Internet connection is. I see a huge opportunity for writers and readers alike, and I won't be afraid to jump on it. Less than 3 weeks before you can test it for yourself! :)