Why I did NOT like GoT's (series) ending and so much more

Published on May 23, 2019

Oh Grit of Torment!?!                                                                                                     

My emotional involvement in Song of Ice and Fire has been on the verge of seriously obsessive sickliness for years now and I found it really hard to form a more comprehensive Reply than my original comment to this post:

oh no no no no no no no...
what could I add... no no no no no no no...

So I decided to use the community wisdom, and reach for help of Words of Others!

Just like @Arcticloon , who mentions it in End of an era and, I understand, commenting that post @valentino , I read the books, waiting 5 years for the last, 5th volume (in two volumes actually, 1300 pages) and on that crazy journey I was going thru unimaginable motions of love, awe, hate, admiration, respect... just you name it, towards the books and... the author. 

(The Red Wedding chapter, which broke all my literary, cinematic cliches, made me stop reading. FOR 2 YEARS. I just couldn't take it. And then... I started reading it with even bigger awe and admiration. To provoke such a response in a reader, to keep me hooked, while all the time thinking, that is something, isn't it?!?! )

Well, I was not just thinking, I was trying to come to terms by reading dozens of website devoted to SOIAF, full of analysis worth phds and crazy or not that crazy theories. I discovered then a whole universe created around the saga - histories of the families*, archives of tales and songs... SOIAF is an absolutely breath taking phenomena, comparable possibly to that of Lord of the Rings. Which was SO MUCH MORE FORTUNATE WITH THE ECRANISATION!)

I tried to searched thru what has been posted here on 200 WaD and it seems that the rest of the texts were written by the funs of the tv series (no offence) hence having a very different experiences, and yet, there are so many voices of disappointment...

There is @keni in Finale, with a comment from @seunoyebode . @nicksimard with his Game of Thrones S08E05 — Some Thoughts [SPOILERS] with his funny cynical comment 

I guess I’m “lucky” that lots of the shows I get into just get canceled. Then they don’t have the opportunity to disappoint me haha.

@sarasilva with her hilarious observation: 

I still think she [Arya] has to kill one pair of "green eyes", so my question would be, what colour is Dany's? 

and her completely different angle On GOT's petition and milking nostalgia:

It's quite sad that people get so 100x times moved over a production, and not on real-world problems and the environment (being the irony that George RRM assumes white walkers on GOT are a metaphor for climate change).

(LOL or maybe :-/ as it's addressed to me indeed!)

There is @chika46 and GOT: 4/6, 4/10 asking:

What does that even mean?

expressing my general sentiment towards (at least) the whole 8th season.

There is of course  @brandonwilson with his obligatory for the subject Obligatory GoT post *Spoilers* and the 3 obligatory Replies, by: @keni ,  @juliasaxena and @craigpetterson with one of my absolutely favourite observations 

"The Night King's death. What the fuck was that? We spent 8 fucking seasons building up to it and he dies in the first battle. He doesn't kill anyone! All he ever did was raise his hands like "come at me bro". So, they came at him, bro and he died."

I must also mention here a funny mention by @brianball in I could read more, but.... Yes! Do read more! Of... Song of Ice and Fire!!!

And finally absolutely amazing post Is art democratic? in which @haideralmosawi , fortunately, because I don't need to break my head on that, unfortunately, because i would so much like these to be my words, SAYS IT ALL:

If a character's actions seem "out of character", then there is a valid reason for the audience to complain.


If the audience can't understand the progression of the story, then that brings into question the quality of the writing.

Yes for 1000 times!

And for me the ultimate question, leading to the very explanations of this whole unfortunate GoT kerfuffle:

Should a TV show's story be based on what people want or the story the writer wants to convey?

Indeed, as long as the show was based on "the story the writer wants to convey" it was rich and surprising with complex, continuously evolving and growing, characters. NOBODY could have wanted anything like that, because it's shocking twists, deep analysis and crazy plots are simply impossible to imagine.

What was left in the last 3 seasons is exactly that:

TV show's story based on what people want.


Do you know that the Three Eye Raven (just like Maester Aemon) was a Targaryen? WHY would it be specified if not for a reason? 

Why nobody is surprised that The Night King can fly a dragon??? ONLY Targaryens were able to do it!

Why would it matter (AT ALL) that Jon was THE SON OF ICE AND FIRE if in the series it was generally for... NOTHING.

And... was he The Prince that Was Promised?


Why would there be such richness and complexity (do you know that during the swords fights, when Rob and Jon were boys, they pretended to be famous heroes of the past, and then their lives actually followed the stories of these knights!) if it was just to come to... NOTHING?!?!