Why do you want to scale up?

Published on Jul 31, 2020

That's what I asked my former business coach yesterday. I got to know him as my EO accelerator trainer, teaching us the "Scaling up" framework. The goal of the accelerator was to bring participants from 250k to 1mio revenue. When I left last year, everyone asked me: Did you make it to the million? No. But I wanted to leave because growth is no longer a key goal for my business.

Here is what my former business coach answered me:

I pursue growth because:

  • I'm impatient
  • I want to always develop and change and even though growth is stressful it keeps it challenging and interesting
  • Greed (I want to make more money) 
  • Move up the value chain to pursue bigger opportunities
  • To prove to whomever (myself) that I can do it

I was impressed by his honest and open sharing. 

I do want to grow my business but for the right reasons. Last time, I thought I needed to grow my business, to make my business model work, to feel and be considered as successful etc. 

So I scaled up the business until I noticed I don't enjoy managing the team that much, we have more pressure to get clients and fill courses to pay salaries, we are less dynamic and I gotta focus only on sales which is not totally in my "zone of genius". 

This time, I want to have a profitable business model from the beginning, feel (mostly) content with what I do, at whatever stage I'm at, even if it's just me, myself and I. 

If I manage to provide enough value and make clients happy and I can't handle the workload any longer, I'm happy to employ more people or adapt my business model to scale up to serve more people.