When you're so excited you can't sleep

Published on Oct 30, 2020

I've just watched videos from entrepreneurs I admire and signed up for their challenge rsp their course. WOW, I'm hyped. There's so many incredible people. There's so much to learn. There's many paths to discover and develop myself. There's many opportunities to reach people and make an impact. 

The future is bright. The future is about self-education, online.

With a smartphone and internet access one can learn, from anywhere, from anybody, anytime. 

We can teach via Instagram, we can learn via Instagram. We can find clients via LinkedIn. We can produce a podcast with a mic, computer and a zoom account and talk to world-known experts. We can self-publish our books, ...

The possibilities are huge. 

We don't need to wait until a media outlet or publisher deems our story worthy. We don't need to knock on doors to find our ideal clients. We don't need to belong to a secret club to get connected to influential people. 

What does it take then?

Courage to explore new paths and experiment. Courage to follow one's heart and believe in our dreams. Courage to put ourselves out there and authentically share our message. The hunger to learn. Care for a cause and humans. 

Overcoming the fear of criticism and rejection. And the imposter syndrome and fear of failing. Patience and persistence. 

Mindset is 99%. And then a bit of practical knowledge. 

This doesn't get taught at universities. 

The good news is: 

We can learn from experts who've walked the path before us and can tell us exactly how they did it. 

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.”

Do it like Bruce Lee said and become unstoppable.