What to watch?

Published on Nov 1, 2020

I don't watch a lot of television, even though there is no shortage of shows to watch. The truth is that I often don't have the time or fall asleep too easily in front of the TV to watch too much. 

The traditional television serves up far too much reality junk. In fact, I am not sure you could call "The Bachelor" or "Farmer Wants a Wife" reality television at all, with its contrivance and conflict portraying people as out of touch with any reality that I can relate to.

The plethora of streaming services provide a smorgasbord of choices for binge-watching, so you can never be short of options. There is also plenty of bandwidth to serve up a lot of old shows. I have recently started watching Seinfeld again from the first episode, and I must say that I am enjoying it immensely.

The problem can be that everyone in the house has a different show they want to watch, and those shows are getting spread across multiple streaming platforms. So now to keep everyone happy, my family has subscriptions to half a dozen or so streaming services, to ensure everyone's needs are catered for. Might be time to rationalise them.

Anyway, I am off to watch some more Seinfeld. The big question is, what will I watch next?