What's Your 200 WAD Style?

Published on Jul 2, 2019

- do you wing it?

- do you plan ahead and jot drafts down all the time?

- do you dump your ideas and refine?

- do you polish til perfect, then post?

- do you research a topic beforehand?

- do you read other posts first for inspiration?

- do you write in the morning, afternoon or evening?

- do you set a specific time to write?

- do you write for the steak or just whenever?

- do you write fiction or non-fiction?

- do you use 200 words a day to distract yourself from the day?

- do you use 200 words a day as a journal?

- do you write 200 words a day to help others?

- do you try to emulate a favourite author, journalist or writer?

- do you scribble down ideas during the day before you post?

- do you write to share or write for yourself?

- do you write for fun or for professional development?

- do you dump a bunch of words just to get to 200, then refine?

- do you usually know what you're going to write before you write?

I don't even know if this is a post to help prompt you or just to help figure out your 200 words a day style. Most day's I just wing it.