What's holding me back?

Published on Jul 30, 2020

These days I'm planning to make my new business visible. Finally, I noticed why I'm procrastinating. It sounds like stupid detail questions but they hold me back. For example: What's the brand I'm going to build up? I know the values I want to be known for. But what's the name going to be? Just my name? What do I put on the business cards, on the name tags at an event, in the commercial register, what's the URL and how does it all fit together? 

Most people in that industry simply use their first (and last name) as a brand. However, do I really want to use my personal name? Or do I adapt it (a little)?

What if I want to change the nature of the business?

What if I want to better separate business and private and using my name makes it too personal?

What if my name is too complicated for people to spell? to remember?

I'm probably overthinking this. Well, now I've written it out. That helped. 

Would be curious to hear whether you have any experience or examples of self-made (online) business owners and their brands.