What it takes to move

Published on Sep 24, 2020

Living in a big city like New York, one of the most common rituals that most people would experience at least once every 3 years is moving. Whether it's because you want to live in a new neighborhood, roommates are leaving the city, or change in circumstances like moving in with your girlfriend, you are often expected to go through the arduous task of moving into a new home and apartment every once in a while. When it comes to moving, you can already imagine a whole laundry list of logistics that need to be completed:

  • Packing all your things
  • Do a deep clean of your apartment and make any necessary repairs
  • Get movers (which includes getting multiple quotes and then deciding on a one)
  • Setup mail forwarding
  • Setup utility account for a new place
  • Setup wifi installation 
  • Change addresses in all your important accounts 
  • Purchase any furniture that you don't wan't to move with you

I've gone through this entire list at least 5 times since I've first moved to New York. You always feel like you're juggling so many balls in the air just to eventually feel like you've "settled" into a new home, but I have also grown to enjoy the process.

I'm currently packing things away in large Home Depot boxes and documenting each item into Airtable as I'm planning on creating something with it (still don't have any idea of what that would look like) while listening to music that I enjoy. To move is to signal a change and a new direction, and that's often something exactly what we need to reboot ourselves so that we can continue to be our best selves and do our best work.