What if I don't find enough clients who want what I offer?

Published on Nov 5, 2020

What if I create something and nobody likes it? That's a question a friend asked me and one that I've asked myself often in the past. I believe this fear is universal. It's in our human social nature. We want to be liked, and make stuff others like. Even more so in our age of likes and follows. However, to create, whatever it is, a blog, a podcast, an offer, a company etc. we need to move past that fear. Else we won't create, forget sharing it with anyone. What a shame that would be. Think about how much creative potential is hidden below that fear. 

What would the world look like if more people dared to use their creative potential and share their ideas? 

It's definitely a world I'd like to live in.

So for the sake of more people finding the courage to put their creations out there, let's reframe that fear.

What if I don't find enough clients who want what I offer?

Let's assume that worst case happened. You defined a number of attendees you'd like to have in a workshop or people listening to your podcast, etc and you haven't reached that number yet. 

What can you do in that case? 

You can talk to people and figure out why. You can adapt your offering to better suit the needs of people, maybe it has to do with timing, unclear value proposition, unclear target group, pricing, wrong channels etc. 

Now, not having found enough clients is not a personal failure and reason to give up. Rather it's an information to learn and adapt. When I don't find enough clients who want my offer, I learn, adapt and keep on going. 

Last but not least, imagine: What if you didn't have to find clients, but they found you? 

What if all you had to do, was share what you offer on different channels and be patient?