What I wish my friends did more of

Published on Sep 17, 2020

I heard a great question that Pomp asked on his podcast episode with Erik Torenberg. He asked "What do you wish your smartest friends were doing more of". He said the same thing I would have said—I wish my smart friends were writing and thinking in public more. Particularly the ones I don't talk to on a regular basis, if I could subscribe to what they are thinking about and working on I totally would. But many of them for one reason or another just aren't on Twitter or don't have a mailing list.

What a shame!



It's still so early for creators. The internet is so young and there are still so many people that haven't seen the immense value it can unlock. 

That's the danger of "expertise" or being in the in-crowd—it can distort your reality. In some circles it can seem that Substacks are oversaturated or even that you can't start a successful YouTube channel anymore. I don't believe those beliefs are true.

I remember hearing Courtland from Indie Hackers interview the founder of LearnUX.io. It's "just another" UX education site. But you'll create content that is your style and there are probably people out there who will learn best from your teaching style.

Just create.