What I came to Realize Recently

Published on Jun 13, 2019

Since recently listening to Naval Ravikant's beautiful pondering, I've realized and owned up to a core principle of myself. I hadn't been able to get here until his words let me view myself from just the right perspective to allow me to go ah yes. This is me.

Often I've heard of people criticizing how our education system doesn't cater towards different learning styles. I've seen people like Pharrell vouch for visual and audible learners' struggle under standard pedagogy. By the time I realized that yes there were different ways to learn things, I was already done with education and so I didn't pay it much mind. My hardware and community support was good enough to get me through the education system, so why should I care for what kind of learner I am? 

But I never really stopped learning. I saw a lot of my friends who breathed a sigh of relief once they knew they didn't need to learn at the same rate that preceded their early 20s. I thought I was that, too, but I couldn't be that. I tried really hard. But just getting drunk and consuming mass amounts of media wasn't fun enough for me to say, yes this is me. 

The next stage became emulation. I mimicked other people who were non-stop learners. A lot of the salient examples were and are people like Gary Vee. With Gary Vee, there was a lot of moments of this is me, but it wasn't fully there. But I didn't care that the match wasn't full, because the match was so much better than anything I'd experienced before.

But I need to go catch dinner with some old high school friends of mine. So I'll continue this later.