What does success look like for you?

Published on Aug 28, 2020

The other day, I had a call with Carlos, my business coach. He asked me what I want to accomplish with the coaching. I went straight into the next steps, like finishing the website copy, finding clients and making x amount of revenue. Once I told him all the to-dos that were on my mind, he asked me: 

"What does an ideal day look like for you?" and "

What does success look like for you?"

We are used to setting SMART goals, like the x amount of revenue or clients to measure our success. 

However, have you ever reached a goal and despite that did not feel great? I have. 

There is more to success than just metrics. Success is also a feeling and an experience. 

Once we know the answer to how we want to feel and how an ideal day looks like, we can connect with that image. Instead of blindly chasing metrics and running into the risk that they were not the right ones, the meaningful ones, in the first place. 

Once we are healthily unattached to the goals, our vision becomes broader and our journeys more flexible. Yes, it's scary and it's less controllable than hitting targets. 

But following a vision and a feeling of success will lead us towards the right destination, for us, maybe an even better one then the one we'd gone to by chasing metric-based goals. 



For those interested, and more importantly as a reminder to myself: 

My ideal day looks as follows:

I get up energised, excited for another day, start my morning routine which involves a mix of meditating, journaling and moving, either dancing, yoga or flow training. 

Then, I get into flow and write here on cowriters.app.

After that, I read an inspiring book, to learn a new skill or change my perspective.

For lunch, I pack my home-made delicious healthy food, slowly walk to the #minervalounge co-working space and have lunch with the kickass ladies in the park. We chat, connect and laugh. 

In the beginning of the afternoon, I record a podcast episode and have a conversation that flows with an inspiring guest speaker. 

In my break, I go for an unhurried walk in the forest along a river.

Towards the end of the afternoon, I give a coaching to a joyful entrepreneur who feels a lot more empowered and confident thanks to working together.

In the evening, I have a fun apéro with friends or go home to cook something fresh and have soulful me-time. 

Then, I reflect about the day, practice gratitude and unwind.