What does it mean to be creative?

Published on Aug 30, 2020

    "Creativity is just connecting things." - Steve Jobs

Is it creative to start an essay with Steve Jobs' quote? Although the answer might be "no", he's got a good point. Creativity is not about inventing things. It isn't even about being original all the time. For me, creativity is about juggling with limitations and rules and being agile during the process. "You can do that, but you cannot do this, somebody already did that, and this is not going to work for sure".

Being truly creative means moving throughout an obstacle course.  It's always a continuous process and you can't stop otherwise yet another pendulum will hit your back and you drop out of the competition. You must be agile, be close to the edges of your field and always keep the right pace. Creativity is time-dependent. Our world is changing very quickly. What's creative today won't be creative in a few years, months or even days. 

That's why for me, being creative means being able to generate new ideas. They are not supposed to be new for everyone, but they should be new for you. Creativity is subjective. What's creative for one person isn't creative for another. You shouldn't ask yourself "Am I creative enough?". Creativity is rather inward rather than outward. Each idea that seems creative for you is a step to win the obstacle course. The idea will probably feel stupid tomorrow, but today hold it tight. Don't suppress it, many "stupid" ideas often lead to great creative results.