What a time to be alive

Published on Mar 12, 2020

I've personally gone my whole near 29 years knowing many who lament the lack of excitement in their life. This is understandable for midwesterners who go to college and receive a normal job, and for the most part, once they get settled in their ways, if they get settled that is, they no longer feel the same lament. They desire security, stability instead of excitement and something new. But still, I feel a kernal of that same old desire, hidden deep underneath the layers of their new life. 

I myself kind of followed this pattern... I mean besides the getting a normal job part. But I too have waited for the world to become more interesting. I've always personally found my own life interesting, but I knew deep down that it wasn't something an outsider would be excited by. I was living the first few pages of a novel... the part where there is a sense of normalcy... before everything changes, beforea series of irreversible steps ensue and the story begins. 

I'm not saying that my life was boring and I was waiting for something to happen in it. I was actually thrilled at how it was going. But now it feels like, the world is entering. I feel like someone who had been fine doing his own thing, basically ignoring the world, insulating myself from most of it, until now the world summons me. It is no longer something that can be ignored. No longer just abstract ideals. It's reality. But not just mine... but of all of us. 

Bilbo and Frodo had to leave the Shire even though their lives their were good. And so this is a calling for all of us, to leave our shires. To enter a new world. 

What a time to be alive.