Well Want to just Walk and Talk?

Published on Sep 24, 2019

The group must have just got done doing some kind of drugs upstairs. There was no reason for them to be up there for anything other than that. As soon as they were downstairs they were chanting one of the younger guy's name. 


Grant was doing a keg stand. He didn't know Grant. He'd seen him around, but Grant usually didn't act the way Grant was acting right now at this party. After the spectacle simmered down, Mike came over. He was wearing a turquiose trucker hats that made him look like a drug dealer.

"Sup! Man! Bro! You fucking came!" 

Later on after taking some shots with Mike, having another quick chat with Seanathan, and then smoking a cigarette outside, he decided to go home. But he had left his flannel jacket inside. He grabbed it and didn't look at anyone while about to walk away from the party when he heard his name.

"Hey! Wait up."


"Are you leaving already?"

"Yeah. I'm not really feeling it."


"Yeah." then he smiled and said, "No actually that's a lie. I'm not tired at all. I just don't feel like being here."

"Well want to just walk and talk?"