Published on Feb 5, 2020

Well, I'm back from my holiday. So, I thought I would start with a post doing what I do best: making monthly plans and complaining about things I have the power to change, but don't have the willpower to follow through with.


I was confident, but I grew shy around girls. I had friends who also ate for comfort. It was a bad combination. As many of you know; I like exercising, but I can't stick to a routine consistently (more on this another time maybe).

I've perpetually been overweight since I left high school. In high school, I was a actually very fit. In the later high school years and into college I started putting on the pounds.

It's not actually my weight I want to change. For me, it's a number. There are many people heavier than me that are much healthier, stronger, fitter.

The main thing for me is the confidence - or rather, the removal of embarrassing moments. I also sit down and cover my belly. Maybe with an arm or a pillow. I don't like certain clothes - it's worse when I bought it and no longer fit into them, although I sometimes find "target clothes" motivating. There is nothing better than fitting into the next size down or hitting that milestone.

The trick for me is to celebrate smaller victories. It's not about losing 20kg. It's about losing 3kg and celebrating. Then losing 3kg more, until eventually I've lost 20kg. (It's weird saying weight in kg)

What I'm going to do this month is practice more of what I preach; exercise and healthy eating.