#WeelyNoCode Week 2: Launched

Published on Aug 31, 2020

After a long week of learning both the ins & outs of a fitness company, while also trying to learn a new automation tool, I finally shipped out my "product" for this week. I've created a shared via a google document free Integromat Recipes that anyone who has Acuity Scheduling can consider having Airtable as their own CRM system that they have full visibility over, and Integromat will help them with the ongoing sync. 

I will be extremely curious to learn if anybody will find value in those automation recipes! I built them specifically with the problems I'm trying to solve for Coco & The Sun in mind but I also intentionally kept it more general so that it can be applicable for more use cases. 

My favorite part about working on this project this week was using the opportunity to not just build but also show my friend what no-code is all about. I love how quickly she picked up Airtable but also later understanding that it's more than just a "cooler" google sheets but that it actually allows a lot of automation capabilities using other tools. I can never get sick of seeing the expression of people's faces when they realize the things you are able to do now without writing any code.

Here what I launched: Link