#WeeklyNoCode Week 7: Progress

Published on Oct 17, 2020

Today I've spent quite a chunk of time working with the BannerBear API as I've discovered that the creator recently expanded their features to video creation as well. Now, by simply using automations created in Zapier, I have the ability to create a very simple video with a text on it. Now you may ask, what video like this could serve? I realized that this simple video is perfect for use in Twitter.

In Twitter, I've noticed that it's becoming very common that people like to complement their post or thread with a gif, a video, or at least a custom image that speaks volumes, but I've also noticed the lack of extremely lightweight solutions that allows you to do just that. That's where my product comes in today.

I imagine that by simple going to a website (which I plan to use Bubble to create), all you need to do is type in a "Title", maybe a "Subtitle", and a Keyword (to determine what kind of video you want to have in the background, for example "forest" would give you a video of a pan of a forest), and in results you get a short video that gets generated that you can use to spice up your post or to use as the "title card" for your twitter post.