#WeeklyNoCode Week 4: Launch

Published on Sep 13, 2020

Today I've finally "launched" my mobile app built with Glide; by launching I mean sharing it on twitter and most importantly to my 3 friends who are going to the climbing trip with me next week.
Here's it is: Link

I was blown away by how much they liked what they saw. What made it worth it was then when one of them, who teaches at a coding boot camp, exclaimed:
How did you build this so fast
I was looking at this like
and still am
These individual features

I don't blame her for reacting this way. As a teacher, she's probably used to having her students spending weeks to build-out an idea they have. I've begun to realize just how many people are still unaware of the power of no-code!

Before I started building, I already kept in mind all the potential barriers and restrictions that I would encounter as part of the growing pains of learning a new tool. I know that every "simple-to-use" no-code tool all have their own kinks that make you realize you need to spend more time to get started than you think. Website builders like Wix & Squarespace definitely come to mind. But with Glide, I remember spending 2 hours exploring around the app builder interface and I started to realize how just how intuitive things were.

The coolest thing to me was how Glide included the "filter" & "visibility" feature to almost every single building block. What this means is that this allows you to have so much control over what data you want to show; either base on which user is using it or what value a particular field has.

Building on Glide this week had made me so bullish about the future of no-code. When building an app can be this easy, you start to think about all the potential opportunities for them to be hyper-personalized for individualized and unique use cases. Just like how every major conference like to white-label an app, imagine each mom and pop stores having a super simple app where they can at least build a unique digital experience for their own customers. Imagine an entire extended family using an app for a family vacation (why not, they're probably planning on a shared google sheet anyways!)

I will definitely be building another no-code mobile app in the upcoming week. I might consider using Adalo for it.