#WeeklyNoCode Week 4: In the zone

Published on Sep 11, 2020

This week has been one of the most fun I've on building a product in a while. Here's a list of potential reasons

  • This is already an existing google sheet with some content to work with, so I can jump-start immediately in thinking how to turn rows of data into a product
  • This being the 4th consecutive week of building products using no-code tools, I definitely feel all warmed up and can go quickly in making product decisions and building things without having to think too much
  • Glide app surprisingly user-friendly! At face value, I always thought it was weird that Glide uses google instead of Airtable as I feel like creating relational databases is one of the foundations of creating any semi-complex data architecture, but I was pleasantly surprised how Glide allows you to do that directly in their environment. They also way more features to build an MVP mobile app than I think most people think
  • This feels like just a side-project that I can choose to push and expand as far as it goes. There's also a lot of excitement knowing that this can be put to use in only 5 days, even if it's only by 4 users, the thought of it gets we super pumped
  • I'm still mind blown in how easy it is to build not just function but good looking app using Glide. I pity all people who are still paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to freelancers to get a basic app off the ground

    Shipping in two days, stay tuned for more!