#WeeklyNoCode Week 3: Launch

Published on Sep 9, 2020

Last week I wanted to finish all my product work by Friday evening so I could enjoy my long weekend in upstate New York without it hanging over my head, but I significantly underestimated how much time it takes for creating, editing, and finalizing original content. Since I planned to extract historical insights and summarize them into 1 key takeaway for modern makers, I spent a lot of time reading the history of each historical figure in order to figure out what I wanted to write about. In the end, I only had time to write for 5 people and I used my labor day to finish the rest to ship it. 

All in all, I had so much fun creating this product. I used this opportunity to read more about historical figures that invented really cool things that had an impact even our lives today. I hope to keep expanding on this directory and read more about inventors that I've never knew about.

The product ?: A directory of historical figures which includes bite-sized historical lessons and insights for the modern makers

Tools I used ?: Airtable + Pory.io

The main lesson I learned ✨: it's easier to plan ahead and cut features in order to ship out on time, but it's a lot harder to rush when the product contains a lot of original content.

Link: https://ogmakers.pory.app/