#WeeklyNoCode Week 2: Challenge prompt

Published on Aug 25, 2020

For my second week of challenging myself to pick a new no-code tool and launch a product by the end of the week, I picked the topic "Automations."

When I first started with no-code, I was very doubtful. I felt that it was potentially just another wave of drag-and-drop websites like Wix & Squarespace with just some more bells and whistles. It wasn't until I tried out Zapier and was able to create my own automation, or simulate "back-end" functions did I now realize how I'm able to execute all the potential ideas I have in my back pocket. Creating this automation meant that I didn't need to just resort to creating pretty "front-end" functions and can start to visualize the possibilities that I can create without hard technical knowledge. 

This week, I will be experimenting with Integromat to build out automation. I've also picked the problem I'm going to be working on to solve. I have a friend who recently started a new fitness class called Coco & the Sun that combines Zumba & Barre based in Hong Kong. They have a small budget and recently discovered that the <$20 software doesn't completely support the workflow and user management they want. I will attempt to use complex automation to fill the gap and workflow pain points that they are experiencing. 

Stay tuned for more updates!