#WeeklyNoCode Week 1: Launched

Published on Aug 24, 2020

I forget how good it feels to ship something out, especially when it's for the sake of learning. In product, you often learn that it's all up to the market to "validate" your idea. If you get a lot of sign-ups, a lot of daily active users, a lot of growth, a lot of people converting from free to premium paid members, then you're on the right track and people obsess over these metrics. Building what people want and need is important, but sometimes there's joy in building things you have fun working on and hopefully bring value to a few individuals. 

This week I built WeeklyNoCode.com, currently a newsletter that sends you a weekly challenge to help you get started on your no-code & #buildinpublic journey.

? Problem I'm trying to solve:  No-code is awesome, but with the number and types of different no-code tools, it can get overwhelming really quickly.   For newcomers, it can be intimidating to start. For others, it can be anxiety-inducing to decide on what to build or use next

?Solution: WeeklyNoCodeprovides a framework for new and old makers to focus on learning and building weekly and consistently, all while doing so in public.

? Tools I used to build it:



+ Fruition: https://fruitionsite.com Chat:


Forms: https://chilipepper.io Newsletter: