#WeeklyNoCode Challenge Week 2: Discovery

Published on Aug 26, 2020

Last week I spent almost 4 hours (in two sessions) talking to my friend or one of the founding partners of Coco & the Sun to talk about her vision of how she imagines the user journey for her customers online. In this conversation, I found out about what software shes currently using, considering, her budget, her ideal workflow vs. viable workflow, and also even got her set up with Airtable. During this entire time, I realize that I simply just love doing this type of work (& I'm not even getting paid for it at the moment)! I love the peeling back layers and layers of steps and workflow a business, a team, or a person does to understand what pain points there are. 

Previously as a PM, these pain points create personas, and those personas create user stories that ultimately become features that engineers build to help solve, and the fastest turnout would be in 2 weeks or a month. But today, as a no-coder and maker when I heard the problems she was having, I can immediately visualize solutions that I can implement myself without having to pass along to anyone else. With some automation steps that I can help set up, I am confident that I can make sure their fitness startup can scale properly and at the same time teach them to use simple automation to simplify work for them. 

By the end of the week, I plan to take their entire operation and make sure I create at least two core automation processes that make sure their client data & scheduling data is synchronized between Airtable and the platform they are going to choose.