Weekly Routine

Published on Dec 19, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about working remotely even though I am just about 15 minutes away from the office. You can read it more about it here. So what is my weekly routine like with working remotely? That is what I will be talking about today.


I will wake up at 6AM for breakfast, getting my son ready for his school and myself for work. I will send my son to school and go to my aunty's music studio to start my work from there. The best part is, the studio is just a walking distance from my son's school. If ever the school may call, it would be easy for me to get to the school, and also to pick him up after school. I will usually work from the studio until 1PM, that is when I pick up my son from school. We would take our lunch from there and go back home. I will continue my work from home until dinner. After dinner, I will usually try to have extra an hour to do my side projects before heading for bed.

Only on MONDAY

Monday is the day where I will usually go to the office, to report what I have completed and to have discussions with the team. So this day, my aunty is kind enough to offer her help to pick up my son from school and take care of him until I finishes my work. That is when I pick him up from the studio and we will go for our dinner before heading back home.


This is one of my favourite part. I would get up in the morning, eat breakfast and do my side project before lunch. After lunch will be family time. Family time is very important for me as on the weekdays, we hardly talk much or do any family moments. I suggest everyone to do this to maintain a healthy relationship.