Weekly Experiments

Published on Jul 31, 2020

Every week, you should choose one to three experiments to try in order to accelerate towards your goals. Maybe you have an overall goal of getting into better shape. So this week you could try taking a walk early every morning. Another week you could try doing strength training every morning.

A week is enough time to try something out, and short enough that it’s easy to commit to. And it’s short enough that you have a clear memory of the whole time period at the end of the week. You have a clear idea of how the experiment has worked.

At the end of the week, you review the outcome. Should I continue, revise, or drop this experiment? You can try tweaking it a little and then try the slightly different version next week.

Doing this every week, you will rapidly learn. You can do a lot of experiments this way, five to ten experiments a month. That’s a healthy rate of learning.

In order to come up with new things to try every week, it helps to learn about how to achieve your goals every day. Then you can try some of those things every week. Finally, every month or quarter, you can step back and review your progress and identify larger trends and course corrections. Following this kind of process with regular check-ins and course corrections gives you a good chance at achieving your goals.