Weekend - Lockdown - Stuff

Published on Nov 15, 2020

After waking up at noon today, I continued watching the Love Tropics Livestream. Whitelist watching the stream I did some flying in Microsoft flight simulator. I changed from iRacing yesterday to MSFS quickly, as driving while watching didn't work out quite well. :)

I quickly took a short trip to the groceries store to get some things to eat this weekend. I also stopped by MC Donalds to get a burger for lunch. Because sometimes you need to eat junk food.

I continued to watch the stream through the afternoon and then Christoph came along and we smoked a cigar.

My father also called, and asked if I would be interested to collect a Mountainbike tomorrow somewhere in Kärnten. It will be a two-hour drive per direction and I agreed. We will start at 7 am, so we might be back home for lunch.

Also, I completely forgot to mention that the mealworms I ordered for the mealworm farm I ordered years back on Kickstarter arrived on Thursday. They will be used to feed my leopard geckos (as soon as I buy them).

I was kinda grossed out at first, but I think I will really try to fry the second generation of mealworms in a few months. It is said that they taste like peanuts. We'll see, for now, the disgust is still really high.

Also, the government declared that the lockdown ins Austria announced further restrictions. It might not even possible that I attend the funeral of my grandfather next week.

At least I spent a fun Friday evening and Saturday watching a great live stream.