Published on Sep 3, 2020

After yesterday's babysitting madness came calm Wednesday. I will just go boxing later. 

The theater was nice even though the weather was ideal. So cold, hopefully, I am not gonna get sick. I need to get it out during my boxing workout, haha.

Still super out of my track. I just let it flow. Almost completely avoid my regular habits. Once you slip away it's very hard to get back. 

I cry a lot now :D. I know I am gonna be back stronger. It's a new month, a new chance to change the direction. 

At least I started waking up earlier again (around 8 AM) still not the best but I am getting there. The important is to go to bed early. What a surprise. :). It's getting regular and I keep it like that almost every day. Finally, I hated it when I was waking up at around 10 AM. It feels like the whole day is ruined right at the start. No more. :). Let's be a little bit more productive. Starting tomorrow. :D

Let's watch the Tour de France and get ready to go to my boxing lesson. Nice day.


Stay with me. Efran