Weak passwords

Published on Oct 4, 2020

Back in March, I wrote about good password hygiene and suggested that a password manager would be a good way to secure the myriad of passwords you collect from your online activity. 

Implementing a password manager is one thing, but keeping it up to date is another, and that is what I spent a good three hours today doing. Of the 400 plus passwords in my password manager, over 100 of them were either reused or weak passwords. A weak password does not always mean length, and the characters used, it also means the guessability. [email protected] may look quite complex but can be easily guessed. 

There are two features of my password manager that help me maintain unique and complex passwords. It security checks all my passwords and provides me with a list of all of my weak and reused passwords. I can then use the "generate secure password" feature to create a complex password and apply it to my online account. I generally go for maximum complexity with as many characters of different types as possible. As they are random and complex, they are going to be hard passwords to guess.

Though it was a time-consuming task, it was well worth the effort to reduce the number of weak and reused passwords.