We need a 200WAD World Summit

Published on Jul 13, 2019

It's time to circle the wagons.

#Teamstreak has lost several long streakers recently. It's the nature of the beast that people join, people drop off. But I sense the start of a pattern and we need to course correct. 
There's been a few bugs on the platform recently. For example, since I am a Mac person I use Safari on all my devices. Currently there is a known bug with Safari that I cannot create a new post. I used this as an opportunity to switch to another web browser (Brave). Maybe someone said, "Screw it" and that was enough for them to quit. I hope not. 
Maybe each person had his or her reasons and this is all coincidence. Maybe not.
We like talking about community and how great it is, but now it's time for more than words.
I propose that we need a 200WAD World Summit. I don't know how this will work with participation from users all over the world. Perhaps it will be in Slack. Perhaps it will be the first use of the new "social circles" feature if that is ready soon. Whatever the format, we need a forum for #Teamstreak members and regular 200WAD contributors to get together to talk about the state of 200WAD, and what we can do as a community to encourage people to continue to use the platform to develop a daily writing habit. We can also hear from the man himself @basilesamel to hear his thoughts. 
I have not reached a panic level, but I do have the first alarm bell going off. So what do we think #Teamstreak?