We are not machines

Published on Jul 31, 2020

Why am I not as productive today as yesterday? Why is my energy lower today? Why does this advice X and strategy Z not work for me?

Well, we are not machines. 

We are human. 

As humans we...

  • are complex, not just complicated like machines
  • don't derive their self-worth from the throughput or amount of to-dos checked off
  • are emotional and social, not rational (most of the time)
  • have fears and limiting beliefs who get in the way
  • are unpredictable, A does not necessarily lead to B
  • come with a history
  • are unique, with different personalities, values, needs, goals and definitions of success
  • don't remember everything we've been taught
  • (mostly) want to do good
  • can change our minds
  • make mistakes
  • are creative 
  • are mortal

and yet, many learning programs, business and self-help books try to sell us "If you do X, Y and Z, you'll get result Q and be successful." 

As if a step by step guide would work for everyone, just as if you executed a computer program. 

I believe there is no one-size fits it all strategy for everyone eg on how to life a good life or how to build a business. When trying to find advice it's good to remember this and always listen to what feels good rsp makes sense for oneself and one's unique way.