Published on Nov 4, 2020

Today is the US voting day.
I did early voting and cast my vote yesterday. The whole process took me less than 10 minutes. In and out in no time.

I voted 4 years ago as well. It took me hours. And it was exhausting just to find the place and wait to get it done. The machine wasn't working and the people showing us what to do all looked like they were senior citizens and were ultra careful with each step. That compounded on the time it took to get anything moving.

This time around - everything was so much better. Not just for me but for anyone I talked to. No one took more than 10 minutes to cast their vote. As usual, I am amazed at how well this is being executed.

As I have discussed here before, I am extremely a fan of effective and successful execution of any project. I am sure it wasn't easy or simple to break down what needed to be done for the election this year. With COVID getting worse and many people afraid to go out and work, it is amazing to me that even before today, we have had over 100 million vote with very little complaints.

Regardless of which way the results get, I have a lot of respect for whoever was in charge of the election project.