Virtual biohacking conference recap

Published on Oct 12, 2020

I would like to start out by saying that I'm grateful that I and many other people around the world had the opportunity to attend the virtual biohacking conference on Saturday. The conference has always been in person until this year. Turning a challenge into an opportunity, Dave Asprey went virtual and provided a way for many more people to hear his message and learn about the latest tech and principles. 

The theme for the conference was Resilience: What to do when the fit hits the shan. Normally, I would provide a dump of all my notes here and let the readers sift through them all and pull their own meaning out of them. I can't do that with a newsletter. A newsletter requires a higher level of writing. The challenging part is figuring out how to distill all the information and themes into a coherent summary that captures my takeaways from the event along with presenting the concept of biohacking in a way that introduces it to people who are unfamiliar. 

I don't know whether I succeeded, and hey not too many people are watching anyway. But I am happy with the result. If you're a subscriber, you've already got the latest newsletter. For those who haven't signed on yet, here you go.