US Road Trip - Bryce Canyon, UT

Published on Jun 2, 2019

Today we arrived in Bryce Canyon, UT after a short two hour drive from Zion. As soon as we arrived we immediately hit the trails. Bryce is so so insanely beautiful and inspiring, and I'm sure my words cannot do it justice!

While you can't see anything "special" as you drive into the park, you only need to drive for a few minutes, park up and walk a a couple of hundred feet, to have your mind blown away.

The canyon is made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of these incredible sandstone spires, known as hoodoos. They are formed over millions of years of erosion whereby the canyon slowly crumbles away. The park's hoodoo's are so incredibly unique. They're coloured in a multitude of oranges, reds, pinks and whites. They're so spectacular, like out of a scene of an epic Cowboy's and Indians movie. It is just so easy to let your imagination run wild.

During the afternoon we went on an ATV ride through another impressive canyon called Casto Canyon, located just outside the national park. We followed a small river system up and into the canyon and around some amazing rock formations. I gotta say, this was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life ?.

Tomorrow we will spend the day hiking throughout the canyon. I can't wait to take more photos and get up and close to the hoodoos and under the arches and cave systems.

Over and out.