Unusual Fashion Choice - Fiction

Published on Sep 14, 2020

It confused everyone when she wore it out one day. Why, in the world, would anyone wear their pet snake as an accessory? It was beautiful. As much as a snake could be.

Irene identified it as a White Lipped python. How did this lady get the gorgeous reptile out of Indonesia legally? It was full-grown as its scales were a mesmerizing iridescence and it was over 214 centimetres.

The rippling, yet smooth movements of the creature hypnotized her. It kept adjusting itself on this woman. Almost as if it couldn’t figure out how to get comfortable.

Irene finally saw at the person wearing the snake. Her jaw dropped and she could only stare, unable to trust her eyes.

‘Mom!’, Irene shrieked at the lady in a shocked and booming voice.

People from everywhere snapped around and gave Irene a look of bewilderment, as if she had yelled fire in a theater.

‘What was wrong with everyone?’, she marveled, ‘Can’t they see this elderly woman with an enormous snake enveloping her?’

However, everyone kept their eyes on Irene. No one even glanced at her mother.

Fear griped her mind and breathing became impossible.

The event from a few days ago rushed back and nearly knocked her down. She had buried her mother only three days ago. She desperately tried to grasp the situation, questioning her grip on reality.

Everyone persisted in staring at her. Why? Surly yelling once didn’t warrant this interest.

She detected a weight and movement on her body. Terrified her sanity was slipping, she gradually looked down. The snake draped on her as one would wear a scarf. A crowd was forming around her, all astonished at her fashion choice.

She could not recall how she came to be outside, where the snake came from, or anything else since her mother’s funeral.

“Help!”, she screamed, wanting to shed the snake immediately.


Writing prompt is: Write a scene that starts with the line, "It confused everyone when she wore it out one day."